Our values

C.M.S. strongly believes in evolution and progress. For this reason, it has always stood out for its investment in research, development and training, to which it allocates about 5% of its annual turnover, compared to 1.5% which is usually allocated by the national companies pursuant to available records. Moreover, 15% of the workforce belongs precisely to this division, as a further proof of how this department represents the real heart of the company.

Another value that is central to the philosophy of C.M.S. is the central role of people and the importance given to young people: for this reason the company values its employees who, through their expertise, dedication and involvement continue to be crucial resources for the success of the group, and, at the same time, opens the door to new generations, carrier of energy and enthusiasm, thus integrating continuity and renewal.

The ability to create and let grow over time both the commercial and the interpersonal relations in a climate of mutual trust with its customers is constantly present. All this is supported by the continuous proximity, rapid response, and readiness to perform technical and operational in-depth studies.

Finally, customer satisfaction and the understanding of the customers' specific needs are a priority for the company: each machine, in fact, is designed to integrate seamlessly with the production organization existing in each individual company, as well as to simplify the task of the operators that will use it, adopting different types of electronic interfaces, from the most basic to the most sophisticated ones.

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