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Take a look to our new coil bender machine model CBV!


Thanks to the generous dimensions of the worktop, it is able to perform multi-bend on coils with dimensions up to 1.8mt x 3mt, with bending radius ranging from 87-200mm.

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New project with the PRX 48"


Take a look to our latest PRX project! Our 48 " press coupled with a sofisticated 24 rows, double progressions compact-fin-die 5/8 " 38.1 mm x 33 mm! Looks really amazing!

This is another successful application for Microresearch and CMS, stay tune to see the next one!

Get in touch for additional informations:

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Digitalization of CMS-Italy Service department


Here in CMS-Italy we firmly believe that after-sales support is essential for customer satisfaction. For this reason, thanks to the cooperation with Softeam SpA, we are investing in the digitalization of the service department, which will bring significant benefits for all our customers. Soon we will share some interesting updates about it!

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Another successfully project for CMS & MICRORESEARCH


An all new PRX press equipped with a new compact die, are ready for internal qualification test!

This is another successful application for Microresearch and CMS. Stay tune to see the next one!

Contact us for additional informations at

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All new End Forming Unit on hairpin bender HBA


We have upgraded the hairpin bender HBA by installing a flaring unit: this will allow to realize the bell when producing straight tubes. You read me right, our hairpin bender can also work as straight-cutting machine!

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CMS-Italy & AMA XpertEye partner for the remote service


Nicola Decet show to Gabriele Morano how the after-sales and commissioning processes in CMS-Italy was re-designed using the #SmartGlasses solutions. This allow to built new business opportunity, solving the issues caused by pandemic collateral effect.
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Get a look to the full interview by clicking on this LINK


CMS-Italy e WUXI MICRORESEARCH: an increasingly strong partnership.


We are proud to communicate to our present and future customer, an important milestone: CMS-Italy and WUXI MICRORESEARCH have signed an important agreement that effectively evolves their partnership, generating a single efficient, evolved and affordable provider.

Get a look to the attached document for details!

Contact us for additional informations at

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Distribution agreement Accordo di distribuzione

5mm tubes No-Shrink technology Vertical Expander


Last week, we successfully finalize the FAT test of a new vertical expander with No-Shrink technologies. This innovative machine, expands a 5mm tubes coils with a maximum lenght of 2200mm. We won another hard challenge.

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Introducing the all new SMARTSERVICE


We are all facing the troubles that come from COVID situation and one of the main restriction, is regarding travels of our technicians. This could delay some of your key activity like machine start-up, training, machine upgrade or repair. This is why we are proud to introduce the CMS SMATSERVICE.

Get a look to the video that show you how this service work:

Contact us for additional informations at

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Welcome Mr. Nicola


Dear Customers,

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Nicola Decet as our Senior Sales Engineer.

Nicola brings with him several years experience in the manufacturing and development of Heat Exchangers.

As we continue to strengthen and grow our sales team within CMS, we are proud to have Nicola on our team to better follow our customers from both a technical and commercial point of view. We look forward to serving our customers with greater speed and professionalism as we continue to create partnerships across the globe.

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