Manifold drilling

Manifold drilling

The Manifold drilling (MDM) is the perfect solution to drill manifolds in copper and its alloys, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc. with max. diameter of 220mm. It may have or not the tools warehouse and may operate both in drilling and milling mode. It is then in a position to perform drills out of the axis. It is possible to program the number of holes to execute for each row, the number of rows and the radial position in degrees of each row. It is possible to change the tooling and repeat the cycle, or to execute flaring or other operations. It is also possible to program different cutting speeds in each function where different tooling is installed. The manifolds are held in position by pneumatic clamps and supports.

For the copper tubes, it is possible to supply (on demand) a special tool that can produce extruded collars, in order to increase the contact surface between the manifold and the nipple during the brazing process. A numeric control manages the machines' operation in all their NC and PLC (Programmable Logic) functions. Upon request it is available a manifold drilling machine for punching (MPM), an ideal machine for the production of medium and big series of manifolds in copper and its alloys, aluminum and steel. It has great flexibility, very simple to program and it allows to perform drills of max. 0.625in/16mm on manifolds with diameter up to 3.54in/90mm and thickness up to 0.2in/5 mm.












2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 4000

From 10 to 220

Da 10 a 220



From 10 to 108

Da 10 a 108



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