Fin press

Fin press

The range of presses meets all requirements for using progressive dies with micrometric accuracy at high working speed. To meet every need we offer a wide choice of models in terms of both tonnage (from 35 to 160 tons) and operating speed (from 90 to 320 spm): in this way, we can meet all the demands of a vast and demanding market as that of finned heat exchangers. A range designed with simplicity and effectiveness, where a hydraulic cushion rising the ram makes eases routine maintenance and the internal cleaning of the dies. Moreover, the solidity of the structure, the perfect balancing of the moving masses and the proper distribution of the loads on the dies allow the installation of the fin press lines on a normal industrial floor, since any residual vibrations are absorbed by specific rubber shock absorbers.

Each press is equipped with ribbon uncoiler, lubrication tank, suction unit, stacker unit and with an external electric panel including programming console and control.

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