Hairpin bender

Hairpin bender

Our hairpin bending machines represent the synthesis of the most advanced technology and versatility of use: each detail is designed and manufactured to assure reliability, productivity, accuracy, and durability. Furthermore, our know-how has allowed us to overcome all of the critical aspects commonly associated with the production of hairpins, such as the cutting shape and the  length of the arms. Indeed, we have introduced a new orbital cutting concept that in addition to greatly extend the life of the tools, creates a perfect and very slight tapering of the ends of the tubes, thus easing the insertion of the same in the finned coil; in addition, an identical length of the arms is ensured by a sophisticated algorithm that manages all the operating production phases of the hairpins. The hairpin bending machines are available with 4, 6 or 8 hairpins, also in combined versions, with lengths of the hairpins ranging between 150 and 5000 mm and diameters ranging between 5 mm (3/16 ") and 16 mm (5/8"). The standard hairpin bending machine features a 4-axis control; the fifth axis is optional and can be provided for combined machines.

Always at the forefront of and focused on industry trends, C.M.S. recently introduced a new range of hairpin bending machines (patent pending) on the market completely served by electric motors, thus eliminating completely hydraulic power transmission. This very important innovation, in addition to an easier and more effective management of the operations of the machine, assures a higher productivity being provided with optimized control algorithms; moreover, it guarantees the absence of vibrations of the bending arm for a greater duration of the moving parts, drastically reduces power consumption related to the hairpin bending process, eliminates the noise typical of hydraulic power units and avoids the environmental risks posed by the presence of oil.


ACCESSORIES: Powered belt conveyor.













From 4 to 8

Da 4 a 8

From 150 to 5000

Da 150 a 5000

From 5 to 16

Da 5 a 16



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