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In finned heat exchangers, thermal efficiency depends on the configuration of the corrugation profiles or louvers and the quality of the collars: for this reason we deeply design the die to have a consistent, quality collar across a wide range of fin per inch. C.M.S. stands out for its progressive dies with independent sections or sub-dies, each provided with their own columns; ensuring incomparable benefits: ease of processes fins by reducing the dimension of the die, precision assembly, capability to combine different fin hole diameters into one die with matching geometry and allows for easy maintenance and replacement of parts.

The number of progressive sections depends on the diameter and fin collar height required, the sections produce subsequent deformations or draws, then punch the fin hole to the exact size and shape for which it was designed. Our fin dies are can produce fins from a variety of raw materials; aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel – even with various surface treaments.


In order to improve and optimize the operating cycle, and in compliance with the strictest international safety regulations, our fin press lines can be integrated with useful accessories such as automatic selector for cutting the rows, a sound-proof cabin to reduce the noise level (mandatory in EU countries), a suction device for scrap metal, the additional lubrication kit and much more.

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